Thoracic Surgery
Experience, Enlightened Care, and a Reputation for Surgical Excellence

The Section of General Thoracic Surgery, part of the Division of Adult Cardiothoracic Surgery at UCSF, is a fast-growing program, surgical volume having increased ten-fold over the past decade. With four full-time thoracic surgeons, UCSF  performs nearly four-hundred (400) major operations annually, making it one of the busiest services on the West Coast. Our surgeons also have extensive experience in performing minimally invasive thoracic surgery which shortens recovery time, decreases pain and allows patients to more rapidly begin post-surgical treatment, if required.  The UCSF Medical Center is also consistently ranked among the top ten hospitals nationally. 

UCSF's Thoracic Surgery Program is known for its "willingness to be aggressive" in the  treatment of advanced lung cancer, offering appropriately selected patients the option of undergoing surgery as a potentially curative intervention or to simply to help them live longer. Our surgeons often take on high-risk cases, and have achieved notably favorable outcomes in  patients turned down for surgery at other institutions.